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Adoption Application
Name, Address, City, State, zip, Phone number
What dog are you applying for?
Are there any children in the household? If so what are their ages?
Do you have a fenced in yard? If so what type?
Please describe your current pets (type, age, sex, altered status).
What is your deifintion of disciplining a dog?
What type of behavior(s) do you expect from this dog?
What makes a good pet owner
Name and Phone number of veterinarian (required)
Please provide the best time and phone number to call you for an informal chat.
Please be aware that there is a 2 week trial period in which you may return the dog for full refund. Also no dog will be adopted without an adoption contract on file stating that you also understand Dachshund Rescue will not be held responsible for any medical care nor costs thereof once the animal is in possession of the adopter, if something should happen while in care, In addition, I understand Dachshund Rescue cannot be held responsible for conduct, disposition nor behavior of this dog after placement.